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Splawn Clip


Myxolidian Bay Area, CA

S1  The original Splawn Quickrod clip from Mixolidian!

Greenie Greenback Speakes

Eeeee Mesa Tubes installed

Pop-tune! Mesa Tubes installed

Downbeat  Mesa Tubes installed

New Version 4 Splawn quickrod. 
Motrock  Illinoisy Body talk, Shyboy, Lightening Strikes, Paul Gilbert Lick Quickrod with  Mullard EL34's
Chrismac N.C. Little Wing QuickRod- old boss ce2 chorus on the background fills with my les paul. the strat was a quick rod 2nd gear od/2
Rebel Amps Joshage Demo Quickrod with KT77's
Jimbax Wisconsin

70s Vibe , Hit The Road , 3rd Gear, Dungeon Vibe  Hendrix Revibal

Quick Rod- Test Recording clips
Gerben Utrecht, Netherlands Enter Sandman with backing track Pro Mod- backing track has weird plunking on track. 
Matt Schiariti Westampton, NJ Ozzy Splawn Quick Rod 3rd gear, Splawn 4-12 cab

TJ & Dirrty Craig

All Over BIG Trouble! Compellation of two guitar players using Quickrods.
TJ Scarlet Western Arkansas QR-Wheres your hat!   Promod , Splawn Versatility Fat Splawn Splawn   Quickrod and Pro-Mod Clean Channel and Overdrive Channel clips
Chubtone ?? Chubtone 1st gear OD1 1st gear OD2 Quick Rod    Van Halen content
BOZ London, Eng Loaded Lead QuickRod with Marshall 4x12 with G12T-75's
Drucifer Ky Drucifer test  METAL!  Quickrod 2nd gear; gain, presence, and bass at 100%; mids at 50%; treble at zero; master at around 10 o'clock. Guitar is an RG7620 with EMG 81-7, cabinet is a 1960A with Vintage 30's and G12T-75's in an X-pattern
Ben Asaro Brooklyn, NY Splawn Thrash from twilight odyssey Quick Rod- (c) 2005. Shure SM57, 2nd Gear. Guitar: Gajic Custom with VHII in bridge.

coming.. clip,  Splawn QuickRod wide open, Splawn Cab with BigBlock/Small Block Speakers. Audix i5 mic's Nuthin like goofin up!

Splawn Quickrod Wallpaper

Joel's Splawn Quickrod  From the band  "Collective Soul"

Thank you , Joel,   for the information to post this info about you're amps.

Ok, here we go.
For this tour I have put together a pretty cool rig that is capable of doing a lot of stuff.

Basically what I'm running is this:

MJ Mirage GTR thru
ErnieBall Volume pedal
Digitech Wammy pedal
Morley Bad Horsie Wah pedal
GCX switcher system with these pedals in the loops:
Keeley compressor
Boss Autowah
Boss OC-2 octave
Tubescreamer(not used right now)
Then one of loops feed off into:
Rocktron Replifex thru
Line 6 (green) rackmount delay
stereo out of delay into:
2 Vox AC30 custom classics
The next
GCX loop feeds off into:
The input of a Splawn Quickrod head
The "send" out of the head into:
Rocktron Replifex
stereo out of Replifex into:
the "returns" of the Splawn and a Marshall
both heads power greenback-loaded 4x12 cabs in a true stereo configuration.

So what it boils down to is the Splawn for dirty stuff thru the 4x12s and the VoxAC30s for clean stuff all in stereo. It's essentially two rigs controlled with GCX switcher.



Bias Potentiometer Info

Splawn Bias Information

Since there has been many questions about the Biasing Potentiometer in a Splawn Amplifier.


The correct variable resistor for tuning Bias is in position VR1 inside. As Shown in Picture. 


This brass screw is very precise in its ability to set the Bias. it takes a few turns to adjust.